A New Interpretation to Turkish Cuisine


Dilara Abracadabra is a food-art project built around a culinary philosophy interpreting Turkish cuisine with a worldly vision, called “traditional-experimental” by food artist Dilara Erbay. Erbay has presented her concept of transforming the materials supplied in plenty by our geography into food in an experimental, innovative fashion, to local and international circles as a new interpretation of Turkish cuisine. In this concept that brings to light lost flavours and traditional recipees, everything is cooked with passionate love and given a soul.


Dilara Abracadabra, interpreting the traditional flavours of the Anatolian/Middle Eastern geography from a global point of view, intends to take Turkish cuisine to the place it deserves in the world with an artistic rendition. It interprets the multicultural structure and dynamic energy of the world-metropole, Istanbul, a rising star in the international art, design and music circles, within the culture of food and drink, and combines it with design and art. Dilara Abracadabra is a lifestyle concept centered around a healthy, alternative and holistic eating and drinking philosophy where innovation and research nurture each other in content and design.

An Alternative to Industrial Catering

The catering of Dilara Abracadabra is the experimental, artistic rendition of the surprising richness of traditional flavours. It applies an “alternative catering philosophy”, the exact opposite of industrial catering, combining its traditional/experimental cuisine with food-art presentations, and turns catering itself into an “event”

Food-art Projects

Dilara Abracadabra is, at the same time, a food workshop project where food meets art, design and innovation. It has brought to life Turkey’s first dining-design projects, designed activities reflecting flavour cultures of Anatolia, from Armenian to Blacksea dishes, and turned world cuisine such as Indian, Italian and Far Eastern, into surprising cultural projects.
Dilara Abracadabra offers a wide range of design and information exchange services such as food styling, consultancy and seminars with an all-encompassing view of the culinary world.



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